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Chart of the day is…

……30 day copper and a deserved shout-out for Monty High at www.worldofwallst.us

Here comes a classic example of why timing is vitally important. As most regulars know,I’ve been bearish copper from quite some time and sure enough, in recent days Cu spot has dropped 10% from its highs. However that doesn’t mean to say my call is good because at best it was a zero sum game (however it’s turning out better than the dumbasses at Desjardins).

Not so Monty High, owner of the worldofwallst website. On April 16th he went short a copper futures contract and has totally nailed the trade. I know the date as a fact because he mailed me a little afterwards to tell me he’d gone short, so it couldn’t be more legit. So a deserved shout out and w00t in your direction, Monty.

Thus ends this mutual love session (Monty liked my MFN report). Here’s the link again to his website. He doesn’t approach miners and metals in the same way as here (more power to him) and seeing a different but quality viewpoint on these things is good for us all as investors. You’d do well to go visit and have a look.

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