Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is….

….the silver ETF (SLV) versus ECU Silver (ECU.to), 2011 to date:

So far the metal is up 15% and the miner that’s supposed to give you leverage on the product is down 15%, which just about sums up how bad this company really is and follows on from years of total underachievement (hey Wistar, how’s that “cheap at $3.50 buy buy buy” from 2006 working out for you?).
All this on the back of moaning and whining about how it’s just not jolly well fair and it’s all the market manipulators’ fault (yep…can’t you just see JP Morgan centring its day around a tiny Mexico miner) by Mexico Mike “Oh No Definitely Not Corrupted” Kachanovsky. He also has the brass neck to call people to tell it like it is on ECU.to “scumbags”, but for some reason doesn’t seem to get that the real scum are people that accept payment from that überdog of an ongoing joke of a scamjob to pump it to the naive for years (not weeks, not months but years) on end. That’s you Mikeyboy, worthless opportunist and scamrunner numero uno.

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