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Chart of the day is…..

…an update of the race to be Mayor of Lima Peru, the main event in the Municipal elections coming up on October 3rd:

Since we last noted this race on August 13th, the then-2nd placed candidate Alex Kouri has been barred by the Peruvian election authorities from running because 1) he’s a dumbass and 2) he wasn’t a resident of the City of Lima. So with the field narrowed down we see the race developing into a woman vs woman contest (and this is good). Lourdes Flores (right wing) is still in the lead but Susana Villaran (centre-left) is closing in and making a real fight of it. In July Susana was polling 4%,  in early August 7.5%, now 21.7%. There’s still a big gap to make up, but the trend is her friend. and it’ll likely be much closer come the big day.
By the way, the August 16th numbers were those from the same IMA pollsters and they assumed Kouri would be barred, so it’s a fair comparative. Data from the survey results here.

Final thought: If you’re asking why you should care about a city Mayorial election in a South American country, it’s a fair question of course. So the answer is

1) It’s excellent news that two women are fighting out the top position and most likely the job itself. Good for South American politics, good for all of us to have women in power seats.

2) This election, especially the Lima vote, will set the scene for next year’s big shebang Presidentials in Peru. Flores is rightwing, Villaran is centreleft (though her opponents are trying to paint her as more radical. Big clues to how 2011 will go, coming soon.

3) If 1) and 2) aren’t enough for you then that’s still fine by me, but perhaps you should ask yourself just why you’re reading a blog about LatAm written by some dumbass South of the equator in the first place.

Have. Nice. Day.

UPDATE: Another reliable polling company publishes this morning and puts Lourdes on 33% and Susana on 27%. Spanish language link here.

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