Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is………

………spot gold, the kitco 72h chart.

This chart comes with kudos for Lucas over at Trend & Value. We get to chat a bit late in the evenings, and this month he’s been adamant that Gold was going to $960.

It stalled and moved back to $900. I said “Hey, gold’s looking weak”. He said “Nah, it’s going to $960.”

It reached $950 in style then returned to the $930 range. I said “Hey, that looks like all for now”. He said, “It’s still going to $960, you watch.”

So today you get your shout out, Lucas. VERY nice call, dude, I was way wrong and you were way right. now let’s see if the next part of your forecast pans out with the same accuracy. As for others reading this, you’d be doing a smart thing by putting his free blog on your radar (he writes regularly). Maybe even getting his very reasonable five-days-a-week morning newsletter. I get it.

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