Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is………

…Positivo (POSI3.sa), three month chart.

This by way of a follow-up to this post (and another that appeared the day after) dated December 17th that mapped the Brazilian BS rumour machine in action. You may recall that the story was Positivo (Brazil’s largest computer hardware company) was about to be bought out by Lenovo. The BS was given official sanction by all the major brokerages from Goldman Sachs right on down. Unibanco, Citi, Itau…they were all out there getting the greedy into a lather over nothing.

Follow rumours in South American markets at your peril. Even ones that appear in published notes to customers paying good money for the services of over-important stuffed suits.

To add to chart of the day, here’s the link to the unmissable “Quote of the Day”, as supplied by Trend&Value.

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