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Chart of the day is…

It comes from an interesting and very recommendable blog post over at blog The World Complex, and I sought and got permission from the blog’s owner, Mike, to run this chart here today. We exchanged on the significance of the chart too, with my thoughts being that it’s academically intriguing but not so useful, while Mike (who’s obviously had more time to think it over) seeing the gold component as both interesting and useful in the investment strategy sense, too. He pointed out another post of his along the way too that dovetails into that chart above, this one entitled “Gold Still Number One”, which goes into more detail about the theory. 
It’s interesting stuff and World Complex is a well-written, intelligent blog (much better than this one for a start) so it’s getting a shout-out today and I hope you go over and visit, then bookmark or RSS or whatever the site as well (the same way I’ve done).

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