Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is……

……..2008 inflation rates for 10 regional countries.

Some are now fixed in stone (e.g. Peru) and some still have to be confirmed (e.g. Brazil..note the asterisks) but whatever happens, this chart isn’t far away. Venezuela is the stand-out country here, but that’s only cos Argentina cooked its books to within an inch of a hearty broth in 2008. If Klishtinalandia had been honest it would sit up there next to (or at the very least close to) Venezuela for sure.

Meanwhile Peru quickly stopped boasting about having the lowest regional inflation rate as soon as it didn’t, Uruguay showed its achilles heel and Chile’s rate supremely sucked.

Final reflection; every single one of these countries missed their inflation target, and most by a long way. It just goes to show that it matters not what flavour of government you have down here, as they are all slaves to greater economic factors. The actual amount of influence any of them have is minimal.

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