More matter with less art

Chart of the day is…

…Peru’s monthly copper production, 2003 to date*:
Two reasons to show you this long-timescale chart today:
1) Look at that trendline (fwiw, Peru’s gold chart is the opposite, but that’s another story)
2) The June 2013 month, just published (August 12th to be exact) is the biggest single production month for copper in Peru ever. 
The new boost is due to the new Antapaccay mine and from here, barring monthly fluctuations, the only way is up thanks to new mines coming online in 2014 and beyond. And when Toromocho starts churning out the Cu, the debate on which country is the world’s second largest copper producing nation (behind Chile, obvs) will be well and truly over. At the moment it’s tight between China, USA and Peru, but 2015 and beyond it’ll be a scrap for the bronze medal position only.
*Yes, I have a one decade detabase on all this stuff. All the metals, too. What did you expect from a stats-obsessed nerdy wonk anyway?

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