Take physic, pomp

Chart of the day is…

…the gold/silver ratio (yet again):
Why insist with this chart? To put the spotlight on those blithering idiots out there who called silver to run further and higher than gold during this current rebound (and have done so since time immemorial). We’re now at a GSR of 80.3 to 1 this morning, silver continues to lose relative value against gold and why on earth you guys bought up all those silver miners last week is beyond me, I can think of only two offhand that are truly profitable (and even they are priced very expensively). 
The thing with the silver rah-rah brigade is their hypocrisy; you can’t get them to shut up if their metal of desire pops a dollar but point out some simple facts, like supply (production was up YoY in 2015, not down) or the annoying little point about Ag being an industrial commodity metal first and foremost (oh they hate that one) and they’ll start trolling you for being on the Goldman Sachs payroll or whatever. 
Silver is the vehicle of investment preferred by stupid people. The end.

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