Take physic, pomp

Charts of the day are….

…copper, daily price candle and the long term (5 yr) warehouse inventories.
No big big commentary on these today, you should know the score by now.

However, totally OT I’d like to share a report sent in by reader CB this morning. Entitled “HAIL, OTTO!” (starts well) it’s about the world’s oldest dog, Otto the dachschund-terrier cross now knocking on 21 years. But CB made a point of sending in the report because of what was said later (and we quote):

But what Otto lacks in physical ability, he still retains in spirit.

“He’s still playful,” she said. “He can still jump all over people when they come ‘round.”

Nuff said. Errrr….”Thank you”, CB*

* 🙂

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