Take physic, pomp

Charts of the day are….

…the major regional trade currencies versus the dollar, three month and 12 month charts.

This is the three month chart. In order of strength versus the dollar (i.e. from bottom to top) we have Brazil’s Real (in green), Colombia’s Peso (yellow), Peru’s Sol (blue), Mexico’s Peso (red) and then in level pegging over the last three months there’s Argentina’s Peso (black) and finally Chile’s Peso (that mustardy-orange colour).

Here’s the 12 month chart. This time the main appreciative trend is shared by four currencies, with Mexico (very high exposure to the US economy) and Argentina (very high exposure to idiotic politicians) showing a different trend.
For the others, it shows just how important it is to be a “make things and sell ’em” economy that isn’t reliant on a “don’t make things, only buy things” economy.


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