Take physic, pomp

Charts of the day are…

….all about the Bolivian economy, starting with the answer to yesterday’s quiz.

And as most of you correctly called, it is in fact Bolivia that has added record reserves since Dr Morales took over the country. Congrats to all the correctos, but special congrats to reader “JW” who got the right answer in like greased lightning. He wins a special prize that, due to the circumstances, must remain a secret. All I can say is “you got your wish, JW :-)”

Meanwhile, check up on other parts of the Bolivian economy, we see that money supply is largely under control….

Particularly good to see M2 flattening and even dropping off this year, the sign of a well managed currency. The practical result of reeling in M2 is that inflation is coming down quickly from last year’s peak…

…with the double-digit days of 2007 and 2008 now very much a thing of the past. And I’d like to remind you that the gov’t forecast for GDP growth this year is +4%.

I never cease to be amazed by the good job the Evo gov’t is doing with its economy. This is, of course, why the robotic and idiotic English media never mention the subject when talking about Bolivia. It must pain them no end to compare the neat an effective macroeconomic policies of a coca chewing indio to the unmitigated disasters of countless blue-eyed whiteys that screwed their own country in return for a fat personal bank account. Hey Enders…try reporting some facts next time, dumbass racist apologist.

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