Take physic, pomp

Checking back on what I wrote as a preview for the Germany / Brazil match, yesterday morning

Let’s see, how did it go again? Ah yeah

Germany will beat Brazil… 
..I’ve been unimpressed with Brazil going forward..
…against teams with either plain mediocre or reasonable defences…
..Germany has arguably the best defensive line-up at the tournament, plus (again arguably) the best goalkeeper in the world..
…Without Neymar Brazil will still attack, but their strategy has to turn around 180º … and I don’t see the necessary form in the front line….
…Brazil will also miss Thiago Silva greatly…
…Germany has played in the classic German style and is consistently dangerous up front, it’s a simple game they play but they play it well….
…from what I’ve seen Brazil don’t seem to have the necessary mental toughness….
…emotions and nerves running in the wrong way and causing the team to lose balance at vital times…. 
…This I blame squarely on the manager Scolari…

Any further questions?

PS: A jolly song

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