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Chile the Spanish bank cash cow, BBVA edition

Just a couple of minutes after posting the note on Santander you see below, that smart, on-the-ball financial cookie named Tim Hanson of The Motley Fool tweeted this over to your humble scribe by way of reply:
@incakolanews On a related note, check out the dividends BBVA has been having PVD declare. #windfall
So of course we did just that and checked out the numbers (being off the junior mining jag for at least a couple of hours, it seems) of Provida (PVD), the Chilean Pension Fund that’s a subsidiary of Spain’s BBVA bank. What showed up was more than interesting and here’s the chart:
Wow, now that’s what I call milking your cow when you need to. Or as Hanson said a little later in the exchange….
 @incakolanews The only time it makes sense to have a failing Spanish bank on your side!
 Thanks for the headsup, Tim.

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