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Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates called out

Back on Monday IKN ran this post about how a bunch of Washingston DC lobbyist shysters called Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates (crazy names, crazy guys) were about to be given the “we’re not afraid of shouting at your walls” treatment by a bunch of protestors. CLS&A (I’m sure they won’t mind me abbreviating) has been found taking the 30 pieces of silver from the coupmonger turds in Honduras and have been paid the neat’n’cool sum of U$350,000 to lobby the politicos and tell them “look, fascism isn’t That bad..really”.
The good news is that Revolter, the loyal sidekick of da boooorev, was there at the scene and has just posted this report on how the whole thing went down. Go check it out, good job Revolter and down with moneygrabbing DC scum forevahs.

Here’s the link to the borev on-the-scene report again, just in case. You now have no excuse. Go now and leave a snarky message.

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