Win us with honest trifles

Chris Grainger has started well at Collective Mining (CNL.v)

He’s managed to get through an entire quarter without sending any of the student geologists to their deaths. Well done Chris, you must be proud.

How do you sleep at night, Chris? At least we know you’ll do anything for money.


    Are your DD skills so poor that the VPX at that time wasnt even the person you are accusing? Ask Mauricio Castañeda, who was made to resign, or anyone with the minimal of investigative skills that you obviously dont have, because it doesnt fit your narative. I pity your readers…and yourself


      My DD skills include the memory of a plane trip. With Grainger pointing out Berlin from thr window, so keen to get back in there. Champing at the bit. The future on CNL, amazing rocks, gotta see it.

      Save your pity for the families of the dead student geologists.


    Thanks for the clarification of absolutely zero DD on your behalf. About as expected from a washed up hack that resorts to running a gossip column rag to push his own agenda….


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