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Christoph Berndt, criminal German scam pusher working for The Cardero Group, would like a comment on the move in Dorato Resources (DRI.v)

Today I get a mail from the criminal scam pusher Christoph Berndt, aka boersenbrieflemming, who works for the scum-ridden promotion system in Germany under the auspices of Hank Van Alphen’s Cardero Group of companies. Berndt writes:
Title: DRI
If you have cojones you should comment it.

Obviously he has a hard on about the move in Dorato (DRI.v) these last two days. 
So certainly you scumbag asshole, anything to shine the light on the illegal affairs run by Frank Gagel and you, in cahoots with the board of directors at Cardero, the English language scum pusher “Value Pro” in Arizona and all the others in the spider’s web of corporate deceit that give even the pushers in the Frankfurt bourse a bad name. Here’s a comment:

Dorato Resources, in the midst of an all-time historic 
bull run for gold, is still 14.29% down in 2010.

Happy now? Or perhaps, Christoph, it’s about time your controllers told you to…

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