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Kevin Rudd: Decent guy, I say

A well-deserved shout out, applause and w00t coming up for Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd right here and right now.

During the Peru APEC conference last week, Rudd slipped out the side door and went to visit three Sisters Of Mercy nuns that are helping to alleviate poverty in one of the many Lima shanty towns. You can read about his visit right here, or you can watch a one-minute news slot that played on Aussie TV by clicking this link.

While he was there, Rudd pledged $45,000 to buy a new X-ray machine for the local health centre. The Australian journalist who wrote the linked note sums it up very well.

Put $45,000 towards health or education in Australia and it would barely rate a mention. Yet here, a cheer went up when prime minister Kevin Rudd pledged to give the residents of this slum the sum for a simple X-ray machine.

As for Rudd, he had this to say for himself:

“At a time of a global financial crisis, it is easy for people to forget the poor, (But) none of us ever should forget the poor because we are all one human family. And wherever people are poor, those of us who are not poor have a responsibility. And that responsibility we see worked out in the lives of these wonderful Mercy Sisters here in Lima in Peru.”

Otto says: It may be part politics, but all the same good on you Kevin. Great to see a world leader that isn’t just paying lip-service to social needs and doesn’t simply expect the free market to provide. Warm applause from chez Otto, but red hot applause and deepest thanks to the nuns such as those visited by Rudd last week. It’s good to be reminded that real people really care about other real people. Rudd has done us a double favour by bringing attention to the selfless givers of this world.

Finally, a big thank you to reader Alex who posted those links on this previous post. You paid it forward in style, mate.

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