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Cocaine Cooked the Brain

The efforts of Bolivia to control narcotrafficking in the country don’t count any more, because they’re not done under the auspices of the Monroe Doctrine or the notably corrupt US DEA. So the following has not been explained to you this year:

Bolivia’s government set out to erradicate 5,000 hectares of illegal coca plantations in 2010. It has already reached that figure and now hopes to reach an unprecedented target of 8,000Ha.

Its FELCN anti-drugs police force has so far this year seized 21.3 tonnes of cocaine or cocaine paste, 965 tonnes of marijuana.

The same FELCN is cutting at the root of the problem too, by destroying so far this year 19 crystallization plants, 14 cocaine recycling labs, 4,129 factories (when unrefined paste is produced) and destroying 5,761 maceration pits.
The verifiable statistics, overseen by the UN, are available on this website (spanish language)
Meanwhile, reflect that Peru, a “good guy” nation according to your bullshit politicos up there, produces around 300 tonnes of cocaine and so far this year has managed to confiscate 28 tonnes of “drugs” (all types, including cocaine, maryjane etc). Bolivia, this awful bad boy nation in the WarOnDrugs™, produces around 110 tonnes and gets rid of 21.3mt. Now do the math.
We leave you with this utterly megagood kickin’ track from US band Nico Vega. If you’ve never heard of these guys, change that now to immediately increase the quality of your life.

Damn, this rocks.

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