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Cocaine: Good article in The Economist

Y’know sometimes The Economist talks crap on LatAm, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t it’s a good place to go to get a snappy, concise view of issues down here and I’m glad to say that this report on the cocaine business is one of The Economist’s better efforts. In not-so-many words it manages to get the nuanced view (not black’n’white like the normal dumbass reporting on LatAm in English) and also add up figures correctly (more than others bother to do).

Meanwhile, to emphasize that Bolivia really is doing a good job in cracking down on smugglers, another story hit today which tells how its FELCN drug enforcement agents took days to stake out a gang and then finally moved in, arresting an Italian, a Peruvian and ten Bolivians along with 232 kilos of marching powder. All without the aid of a safety net or the US DEA (often involved with the smuggling, not the arresting).

Finally, although clearly biased in favour of Evo’s team I do like this headline from BoliviaSol today. “The Allies of the USA are the World’s Biggest Producers of Cocaine”. I like it cos it’s true and it cuts to the chase.

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