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Cocaine production, 2010

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) 2010 annual report was published this morning. These people are just about the best compilers of drug data out there (much less of a political axe to grind than other bodies, for one thing) so as regards cocaine production in the three producing nations, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, this is the main INCB paragraph this year and the one people will zoom in on:
In 2009, the total area under illicit coca bush cultivation in South America decreased for a second consecutive year, as a result of a significant reduction of that area in such cultivation in Colombia. The total area under coca bush cultivation in the region in 2009 was 158,800 ha, 8,800 ha less than in 2008 (a decrease of 5 per cent). The Board is pleased to note that in 2009, the total area under illicit coca bush cultivation in Colombia decreased by 16 per cent, to 68,000 ha. In contrast with the situation in Colombia, the total area under illicit coca bush cultivation increased to 30,900 ha in the Plurinational State of Bolivia (an increase of 1 per cent) and to 59,900 ha in Peru (an increase of 7 per cent), in 2009, the fourth consecutive year in which such cultivation increased in those two countries.

Read the whole report on this link right here. Thanks to Setty for the headsup via mail, good of you dude.

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