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Cockroach bashing update

Plenty of feedback from yesterday’s post that asked to to take action, write to the BCSC and make your voice heard in the fight against Canada’s sleazy Capital Markets practices. Here’s an example of a mail one reader, who’ll we’ll call at their request “subscriber from Canada”, wrote in to the BCSC:

Dear Ms Rose
This is to express my support for your initiative to increase disclosure and improve the transparency of financings on the TSXV. Publishing the names of private placees is an important step in the direction of improving the available information for investors which will have a direct impact on the reputation of the Vancouver Exchange. 
As you are well aware over the years the TSXV has had mixed reviews regarding transparency and integrity. This is a real detriment to a potential huge competitive advantage in the global marketplace for resource companies. Canada is the world centre for listings and financings of mining companies. Many of these start out as TSXV listed juniors. This is where the market action is today and for the foreseeable future during the ongoing bull market resource cycle. So integrity of the exchange listings and diligence on the part of the Regulator is of prime concern to investors. Improvement will lead to additional listings, financings, volume and economic growth for BC and Canada.
Personally the majority of my investments are in the mining/oil & gas sectors and many of those are TSXV listings. One of the biggest investing issues I face is filtering out the less reputable listed companies some of which can only be classified as outright scams.
I encourage you to pursue this issue and use your influence to overcome any resistance you encounter in your drive to establish the TSXV as the premier exchange for junior resource listings in the global market.

Let it be an example to others. WRITE THAT MAIL!

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