idle and fond bondage

Coimolache S.A. has no lychees

A lack of basic respect. You would have thought Regulus Resources (REG.v) John Black would know how to pronounce the corporate name of REG’s neighbour and collaborative partner in Cajamarca by now. It’s been over five years, Raul Benavides must grit his teeth every time he hears him mention the name. Also, consider that 99% of people reading these words will think your humble scribe is being petty about a matter of no importance, that because the IKN audience is 99% gringo.


    To be clear, I am 100% gringo.


    Why drill? They should focus on land consolidation.


    You have mass issues homeboy


      Ah good! A name-caller! My turn!

      You are a normal, well-adjusted human who leaves the false mail address “suck my d-ck AT aol dot com when writing frustrated defences of weak long positions. Psychologically a weasel, you also have latent issues with homosexuality.

      Next, please!


    It has always been considered effeminate for us gringos to properly pronounce foreign names. Bombay-mumbai


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