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Colombia and freedom of speech: Total, bigtime must see

Dearest kindest gentlest reader, stop reading the guff on this page and get yourself over to the most excellent Machetera right now. The girl with the large knife has an intro and then links you through to a three part documentary with a quality English translation all about the plight of students in universities in Colombia. Here’s an extract from Machetera’s post:
Welcome to Colombian public university, where for at least the last ten years, the Colombian armed forces and paramilitaries associated with the government of Álvaro Uribe and that of Pastrana before him, have been rolling tanks, harassing, threatening and even killing students who dare to express their opposition to the regime. Meanwhile Colombian corporate media and politicians mock dissenting students who as a result, wish to conceal their identity and the universities quietly hand the government the databases it desires.
So here comes the IKN Quiz of the Day (answers supplied):

Question: Why do you hear all about student protests in Venezuela?
Answer: Because students aren’t afraid to protest, march, make noise and get their voices heard (hint: democracy)

Question: Why don’t you hear all about student protests in Colombia?
Answer: Because if you dare to raise your voice you get killed.

A truly impressive documentary and a real eye-opener. Something to think about for the see-no-evil analysts pumping Colombia to you mineheads at present. Go see now.

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