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Colombia Cosas*

Colombia’s mining industry is developing and getting multinational sized, which means the proposed re-organization of the highly fractured worker’s syndicates and union’s into one organization, slated to be called SUME, is overdue and a welcome move. Look after yourselves guys, because those that would make themselves stupidly rich off your back without giving a penny more than they could are out there, partying.
Two Week’s Notice also picked up on this slice of irony from Pres Juanma while he tours the UK. Here’s the moneyline quote:

Santos, who is visiting London to boost trade and investment in Latin America’s third most populous country, said his biggest worry was “that the industrialised countries are not capable of taking the correct decisions and showing the world they can get out of their crisis”. 

Asked what those decisions were, Santos said: “The same decisions that those same countries told us in Latin America to take a few years ago. Exactly the same ones.”

Read more here.
Meanwhile, insight about the FARC from blog Talking About Colombia. Not only is the average recruitment age 12 years old, but those kids join up because the FARC often offers a better life alternative than the abuse they suffer at home. But hey, just keep thinking your pigeonholed way and believe the FARC is an easy problem to solve…
* Spanish lesson of the day: Cosas = Things

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