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Colombia is real political risk for mining

The conversations go like this:

  • IKN: Argentina political risk for mining isn’t as bad as they make out
  • MARKET: …….
  • IKN: Argentina political risk for mining is improving fast
  • MARKET: (…crickets…)
  • IKN: It’s a lot better for mining in Argentina these days
  • MARKET: (…tumbleweed…)
  • IKN: Argentina’s a good place to go mining these days
  • MARKET: Wow, seems true! Nobody told us!


  • IKN: Chile mining risk is overblown
  • IKN: The Boric government is not going to hate on mining
  • IKN: Chile’s mining scene will be just fine under the new government
  • IKN: Okay, whatever
  • MARKET: Hey, it’s not so bad in this new government after all!

It’s strange to watch the wonderful world of mining obsess over the pro-mining Lefty governments in places like Argentina and Chile at the same time they ignore real and serious political risk to the industry in Colombia. The country’s May 29th Presidential election will probably go to a second round run off between the Lefty Petro and the right wing’s choice, Fico, but this time the election really does matter to mining. Petro has all the polls in his favour and, unlike Boric, Fernandez or even Lula in Brazil, this particular Lefty will be pure poison for any mining FDI in his country. You have been warned.


    Tim Floating on the Gaspian Sea (natural of course). 19/05/22 3:25 pm

    I quit trying to figure out the SA despots and their agendas long ago. By any measure there are some very worthy copper deposits that should be developed into major producers but they must all look like Venus fly traps to the Freeport’s/BHP’s and Rio Tinto’s of this world. After dealing with numerous former communist governments who had some interesting uranium deposits worth a gander I realized they are all crooks. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.


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