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Colombia: Now that’s what I call a honeymoon period

President Juan Manuel Santos has just set a record in modern day approval ratings in Colombia. The CNC (38 cities, regular and reliable pollsters, at least 1000 people surveyed every month) approval poll out this weekend put his rating at 90% (yes, ninety), beating out anythng ever achieved by Uribe for what it’s worth. What’s more, just 7% of those polled actively disapproved of the way Santos is going about business and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a number that low in any poll in any LatAm country (Stroessner, Videla or Pinochet polling numbers notwithstanding, of course).

Yes for sure this is honeymoon period stuff, but it’s still impressive. Santos also scores well across the board in specific issues, with the 88% approval in the way he’s conducting foreign relations a real standout (and a real departure from Hobbes Uribe*). His worst score was for the ongoing corruption problem in Colombia, something he certainly inherited and will almost certainly have to pass on to the next guy, sadly. Data from here, by the way
The bad news is that the hex has just been put on Santos’s Presidency.  Tony Blair has just announced how wonderful he is, with the excellent Colombia Reports on the case. DYODD.

*nasty, brutish and short

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