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Colombia: Santos Wins

Hot off the presses, the latest bulletin from the official election people in Colombia is with just over 31% of the votes counted:

Juan Manuel Santos: 2,272,878 votes (69.18%)

Antanas Mockus: 898,908 votes (27.36%)

That’s all she wrote, folks. You can follow the progression yourself from here on in, but really there’s no doubt at all who is the next President of Colombia.

Ok, ok, one update. The above was bulletin 6, this is bulletin 17. With 98.36% of the pre-count now in the score is:

Juan Manuel Santos: 8,889,187 votes (69.00%)

Antanas Mockus: 3,552,353 votes (27.57%)

Notably voter turnout was very low at less than 44%…everybody watching Brazil whup Ivory Coast, methinks. Anyway, toldya that’s all she wrote earlier, didn’t I. Congratulations therefore to Juan Manuel Santos and I hope he turns out to be a better Prez than this humble scribe anticipates. And make it up with Ecuador and Venezuela one time, willyaz?

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