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Colombia’s indigenous

This 11 minute video with good quality English subtitles features Aida Quilcue, an indigenous leader from Colombia, explaining how indigenous rights have been trampled on in her country and how as soon as her people raise their voices in protest about state and narco sponsored violence, forced removals from home territories, and the general ignorance and racism they suffer they are immediately classed as terrorists.
By the way, Quilcue is the same woman who lost her husband earlier this year when Colombian soldiers “mistook his car” for a FARC patrol and machine-gunned it.

I don’t know how much you people up there care about the lot of the original, precolombian indigenous people of South America, but I do. Because I’m married to one. And it’s my blog. However it would be nice if you took 10 minutes out of your Good Friday and considered the issue. I wish you all the happiest of Easters.

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