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Colombia’s parliament to debate a bill on drug legalization

This, from Colombia’s El Tiempo newspaper, is just about the most interesting thing I’ve read this morning. Below is the translation

The free consumption and commercialization of narcotics in Colombia to be proposed

This Wednesday at 1pm a bill of law is scheduled to be presented to the secretary of parliament that promises to generate wide debate in the country

The committee representative of the Conservative Party for Guaviare, Constantino Rodríguez, announced that he will support an initiative to make legal in Colombia the cultivation, sale, consumption and commercialization of drugs.
“There are six articles that talk of the legalization of drugs and though them what we’re looking for is to stop the conflict that drugs in the country have generated over many years. History has shown us that it0s more difficult to combat any drug when they are illegal”, Rodríguez told El Tiempo.

The law bill is presented just a few weeks before the issue will be part of the agenda of the Americas Summit, due to take place in Cartagena on April 14th and 15th. This also come after two functionaries from the United States (the vice-President and sub-secretary for information affairs) said that their country was willing to discuss anti-drug atrategies that have been implemented in the world, particularly those that have been strongly criticized for their poor results.
The idea behind the bill of law, according to house representative Rodgríguez, is to legalize “cocaine, marijuana and opiates, which are the ones that have brought the most controversy to our country.”
Government should not restrict or fumigate, drugs processing should be free and legal as happened in their time to alcohol and tobacco, but with legal restrictions imposed such as that children must not be allowed to consume them”, he added.
The law bill also proposes “that all resources spent in fumigations go to social investment to prevent young people from getting involved with drugs.”

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