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Colossus Minerals (CSI.to): My final word

I just received a mail from A.N Other (presumably somebody with skin in CSI.to) accusing me of this, that and the other. The prose of the mail was polite enough but the insinuations behind it were butt-ugly. Among other things I’m accused of being a poster on stockhouse that has been bashing CSI.to, accused of being short the stock, accused of being irrationally impartial etc etc.

So I just wrote the mail below by way of reply. The idea of putting my reply up on the blog isn’t to start a dialogue but to end one. If you don’t like somebody taking a contrary view to yours on a stock, tough. Live with it. Or better still find out for yourself WHY somebody that knows Latin America better than the vast majority of his readers can reject a company that is returning such excellent drill grades and rails against a management team that doesn’t even mention the problems to its shareholders.

DYODD, dudettes and dudes. I really mean it.

For the record I am not Hammerbit on Stockhouse. I only found out that a poster called hammerbit existed yesterday when some moron linked through from his link and decided to try and sabotage my blog. I do not post on Stockhouse (enough to do with my time as it is without providing content for the likes of Robert Fung). In fact I rarely visit the site.

Also, I have no idea who s/he is. Frankly I’d much rather s/he didn’t link to my blog in this way if it attracts the kind of spiteful pondscum that came over yesterday.

As for impartial on CSI, I’m nothing of the sort. Anyone who reads my blog knows that, so don’t try and set up your own personal straw man. Let me be crystal clear: Anyone that believes the stock promotion behind this stock without doing their own investigation and finding out the deep political problems that exist at Serra Pelada is likely to have their own irrational bias, one that is likely to cost them dearly in the future.

Returning to your straw man, I’m not on some “one man war”, I’m trying to get people to question the company and ask THEIR OWN questions. Do you know who Josimar Barbosa was? I haven’t told you because i’m not trying to ram some kind of basher’s creed down anyone’s throat. I’d love it that you bother to find out the reason why he’s so important to anyone thinking of investing in CSI. DYODD, dude. I say the same every day. I’m not my brother’s keeper and I’m not here to spoonfeed a bunch of greenhorns.

Finally, I am not poised to profit from CSI.to. I have stated clearly that the best policy is to avoid it. Not long, not short, just avoid. That’s exactly where i stand with CSI personally, too. Take it or leave it.

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