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Don’t delay, sign up today for the Mining Event Of The Year, as Novo Resources (NVO.to) struts its stuff on Wednesday:

Surely a date for your diary, too. I can’t wait! Let’s hope they have live feed of jackhammers in Australia. Or maybe somebody testing the ground for battery metals using some electric cables. Or Fingers Moriarty plugging his next book in the chatroom. Or something. Anyway, sign up for the gig on this link, you know it makes sense.


    While I’m also inclined to think this is a dog, I’m wondering if there’s a price where this dog swims?

    What do you believe the NVO story is?

    A) that many big pockets have hired PR folks to allow them to get out?

    B) that the Kool-aid has been drunk by too many people, including the insiders?

    C) that this was just a fraud from the beginning?


      It’s the 21st century poster child for “When the story changes, run away.” Compare the utter bilge written about the project in those “jackhammer days” by the paid pump artists to what they want you to swallow now. And I honestly don’t care if the story started through honest enthusiasm or not, they’ve proven their scamster credentials a dozen times over since then. As for PT Barnum Phd, look at his track record. Leopards and spots, sir, leopards and spots. A stock for True Believers and utter fools, however as there will always be a supply of both hanging around mining stocks, NVO won’t die its death for a long time yet.


        No No No, why be honest when you can still push the Lithium and Uranium potential of their concessions, or more realistically, Iron!


    In trying to figure out who to watch for going forward, obviously you’ve said what you will about QH and BM in general. But who else has been part of this that you BELIEVE (not that you know) has been complicit in this. If you’d like not to answer publicly and just wish to shoot me an email (or if others wish to answer), by all means. (thank you).

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 31/01/22 3:15 pm

    Todd Hoffman’s gonna fix everything …. Witwatersrand 2.0,,,, Dude …..



    […] Yesterday’s keenly anticipated webinar from Novo Resources (NVO.to) was one hour and nineteen minutes that I won’t ever get back. I don’t know if it went on any longer, but that was the moment we got the only thing that mattered out of the company and the fact they aren’t going to finance this year (or “don’t envisage”, or “aren’t planning to” or whatever tricky wordery they used) and I could finally log off. Before that, we heard one desk telling us that the next desk was going to tell us about what the next desk was doing, then we finally got to someone who talked about the drilling they want to do at about two dozen locations. We got less on the permitting tracks for those drill programs though, probably because they didn’t want to confuse us with the minor technical details. As for real news, there was zero on the amount of money flushed down the toilet at their ops in 2021, nothing about the constant guidance misses, zippo on the cash cost hikes, nada on the grade control mess and mine dilution, sweet fannyadams on the difference between the reported resource grade and mill head grade, bupkis on 2022 guidance and not a dickybird on this… […]


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