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Since re-opening free comments at IKN a few weeks ago the new regime has been working well enough (that new Google spam filter works most of the time) and so it will stay this way, though an extra trick I picked up from another blogger is also used these days. I was told how to put a moderation filter on posts over 2 days old to stop another layer of spam so that’s now in operation and helps, too.
But let’s make one thing clear. Freedom of speech is a good thing, however it is still limited to a certain extent round here. You’re free to disagree with the messages on IKN, constructive criticisms are especially welcomed, other crits are not deleted and even the somewhat derogatory types are passed. However, if you think you have the right to come on here and publish outright lies and libellous messages about me or my friends (and always using that anonymous moniker, surprise surprise) you’re out of your tiny, hateful minds. There are 43 squillion other places you can publish your bullshit but don’t expect me to put up with it at this humble corner of cyberspace. Your right to free speech does not extend that far. Live with it.
Exposing the cockroaches that inhabit the world of junior mining and the liars that promote the scams will always create a pushback and make enemies because scumbags don’t like a light shone on their dirty little practices. That’s normal, so to round off I address the douchebags in question; feel free to continue to spread your lies in other places but as The Mex Files so rightly says, round here Le site, c’est moi.

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