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Concentration of wealth in Chile? Shome mishtake shurely ossifer!

Here’s the first part of a report over at Mercopress. Click through to read the rest:

Four Chilean families concentrate 47% of assets in Santiago’s stock exchange

Four families in Chile concentrate 47% of the assets of companies quoting in the Santiago Stock exchange according to a book titled “Towards an inclusive growth; economic policy proposals” written by economist Luis Eduardo Cerda.

The book which addresses wealth concentration in Chile names the four families: Andronico Luksic; Anacleto Angelini; Eduardo Matte and current president Sebastián Piñera, whom together made up 9.16% of Chile’s GDP in 2004 and 12.49% of GDP in 2008.

To the 47% of assets in the stock exchange, according to Cerda must be added critical market concentrations in other areas such as CONTINUES HERE

Twelve point five percent of GDP!!!! In four families!!!!! I lol’d.

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