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Concerned shareholders of Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) receive lies from Pedro Valdez

Pedro Valdez, the unqualified and unexperienced VP IR of Minera IRL, wrote an amazing reply to a concerned shareholder of Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) today. There is so much stupidity in it that I don’t really know where to start and as such, believe we concerned shareholders should confer before making any further public statement. But I will address just one point made by Valdez, i.e. the way MIRL has decided to cover up its criminal activity. I agree with your statement, Pedro, that no other Benavides family member works in the Company or its subsidiaries at present, Pedro, because they are all on secret, hush-hush third-party cash payments that add up to millions of dollars fraudulently removed from the company by Diego Benavides.

Got that, Pedro? I hope you understand the law in Peru, Pedro. Covering up like this comes with very serious charges, Pedro.

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