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Congrats received and otherwise

Admittedly its 50th out of 50, but still it’s nice to list the people who have congratulated this desk on becoming one of Mining Journal’s “Fifty Most Influential” for 2020. Here we go:

  • My dad

And now for the people unlikely to congratulate this desk:

  • Dirty Dev Randhawa
  • Ross Wide Boy Beaty
  • Steve Common Thief Zuker
  • Ferrari Kev MacArthur
  • Mark Bristow, Marcelo Kim and any other pathetic excuse of a male with a heart so dark and a penis so small they feel compelled to shoot trophy animals for fun
  • The “Good Guys of Canadian Mining”, bless their hearts
  • Any junior mining CEO trying to scam the market
  • Dumb abusive retail destined to learn the hard way

For the record, my father’s left toenail is worth more than all of them combined. Thanks, dad.


    Congrats, even though you deserve a higher ranking.


    I seldom read the Mining Journal (perhaps I should) but maybe the editors felt obliged to include Otto in effort to retain their credibility. The very fact that they included him confirms his influence and should they have omitted him, eyebrows might be raised. (And we can’t have that, can we? Might bring additional attention to this rogue element…). 🙂


    #50 might as well be #1. Congrats.


    Congratulations! Long over due! Kind of like hearing on the news yesterday the 1st EVER Catholic Cardinal with black skin was named yesterday. Thanks for sharing the great news with us as we will take all of that we can get. You are world class at your profession & we your subscribers have won big this year. Thankyou!


    I thought to myself, what shall I listen to while I read the sunday missive. It has been a challenging week for us (congrats on making the list) so I dig into the old timey things that have a good story. Here is Pablo Casalas marvellously playing Bach Cello Suite #1, prelude. https://youtu.be/OhvOZewh3BY … Why? because this is a person who heard something so beautiful (this piece), that they mastered an instrument only to master the same piece of music.


    Pau Casals… silly auto correct. Enjoy!


    Can this top 50 be found online or behind paywall?


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