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Congratulations, Mexico Mike

IKN Nerve Centre would like to take time out to commend our old pal and mucker, “Mexico” Mike Kachanovky, as we note his standout silver pick, ECU Silver (ECU.to) has rallied up to 73c this morning.
This is great news for all the people that Mexico Mike has steered into ECU.to with his non-stop recommendations for the stock, as now it’s only four cents away from breaking even on the year. An impressive achievement, especially when sat next to the sector’s laggards like US Silver (USA.v) up 60%, Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) up 38%, First Majestic (FR.to) up 32%,MAG Silver (MAG.to)(MVG) up 29% and the silver ETF (SLV) up 18%….oh wait a minute…something wrong with that last sentence…..
Never mind, cos you know it takes real talent to pick out and give big fat pumped up recommends to a junior silver producer* that underperforms the metal it produces by so much….but that’s the talent of Mexico Mike.
In a totally unrelated sidebar, we note that ECU Silver (ECU.to) is a sponsor of Mexico Mike’s website and has been for years on end. But this really has nothing to do with the bad analysis, the convenient ignorance of key facts and the bile-ridden defence of the company that Mexico Mike puts up. Oh no no no.
So congrats once again to Mexico Mike. Hey dude, if this keeps on and you’re lucky, those options they gave you may even go in the money!

*loosely speaking, of course, as strictly speaking ECU.to isn’t a producing silver miner but an exploration company

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