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Congratulations, Tommy Humphreys

Just a line or three to congratulate Tommy Humphreys for his well-publicized win today, as seen by presumably all readers by now (and if not, check out any channel on CEOca). To say I was skeptical of CEOca is an understatement, but it didn’t turn from fledgling idea to the go-to site it is today just by lucky timing and riding a wave. To be clear, I’m merely an occasional non-sub visitor these days and don’t take advantage of the site’s full offerings, however over the years my largely observational position has also borne witness to the constant improvements at CEOca. I’ve watched as the site has grown and improved, always looking to up the experience and add content for users. That long-term attention to detail paid off, first with a recent explosion of new users (sidebar; I wonder how many CEOca mining readers realize how much weed, tech, biotech and crypto traffic the site does?) and now, a handsome payout for the guy who started it all.

Therefore, congrats to you Tommy Humphreys, wealth creator through intellectual property. This humble corner of cyberspace doffs its cap and hopes you add to this well-deserved success in the future.


    Nice to see something positive every once in a while.


    Wow ! You must be suffering from early dementia. Best check your post archives for at least ONE rant against the now saintly Mr. Humphries…showing his new digs in vancouver, bought and paid for, as you wrote, by the tried and true methods of the PUMP & DUMP. Well, he most assuredly is BEST IN BREED, now that doug casey, rick rule, and friends are fading away.


      The internet’s mental health army comes a-visitin’. My stars, and you still under the impression there’s an original thought in your head. Keep following, follower.


        You need to follow Brandon McDonald. A “man” cut from your cloth, he spreads vicious rumours about anyone who statws the obvious about Fireweed Zinc. In the same way too, all sneaky and behind the scenes. You two would get on, you could even compare beard growth with him.


    Do I detect the mere faintest whiff of sarcasm? Very British, although the Peruanos are very good at sarcasm too.


    I am really hoping you are joking. You yourself did the research and revealed how Humphries himself was receiving direct benefits from companies that were running pump and dump schemes through ceo.ca.

    Were the finding of your research incorrect? Do these clear breaches of ethics no longer matter?

    Or is this some kind of elaborate joke? Or maybe this blog has been hacked? This is certainly the most bizarre post ever seen on this blog.


    CEOca certainly has flaws but it can provide helpful information to smaller investors which is what IKN also does in a different way. CEOca’s compiling of insider transactions is particularly helpful for me, it used to be painstaking to get that information for a bunch of companies. Good on you Otto for showing some class and congratulating him on his success.


    I have been with CEO. CA for over 6 years . One of the early interest is that it was started by a fellow grad. of Bus. Admin @ BCIT …Reminds of another such fellow who founded and sold Plenty of Fish for $750 million .


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