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Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob): Don’t say you weren’t warned

Here’s the 12 month chart of Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob):

So what does Owly think of today’s price action that sees it trading at 18.5c?
Thought he’d say that. Anyway, click here and you’ll note the coverage of this arch-dog here at IKN over the year (it started September 2009, in fact, when the first round of serious market pumping about its ridiculous gold sands operation on the Marañon river in Peru was happening). We tried to tell you about the dubious assets, a lot about the awful balance sheet (sorry mineheads, but fundies really do matter and you’re going to have to read those Reg Fs if you want to make your way in this sector), the strange revolving door of officers at the company and about the aggressive pumphouse marketing that’s a red flag in itself….but did you listen? I hope so….
Anyway, this is probably the last post on CMIN, wrapping up a series over a year long. So the final word goes out to the hatemailers and pathetic wretches that were slagging this humble scribe off this time last year (yeah, I have a memory). I’m so glad that you’ve all finally managed to…

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