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Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob) just gets funnier and funnier

My how we giggled last week when noting that the CEO and President of Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob), Willem Fuchter, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned from the company. But then the stifled titters burst into full-blown howling-and-rolling-around-on-the-floor when this nutbars-only company put out its next PR, excerpted here:

LIMA, PERU–(Marketwire – Oct. 5, 2009) – Constitution Mining Corp. (OTCBB:CMINNews) has appointed Mr. Gary Artmont of Quito Ecuador, to serve as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company replacing Willem Fuchter. In addition, Steve McMullan has joined the Board of Directors and Dr. Richard Garnett has been named Senior Technical Field Coordinator.

We’re then treated to the resumé of this Artmont dude which has very little to do with alluvial gold (que sorpresa) but then we get the pearl that concerns Steve McMullan:

Since 2007, Mr. McMullan has served as Vice President of Exploration of Ecometals Limited, a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Mr. McMullan is responsible for all aspects of planning, execution, quality assurance, quality control and regulatory compliance of exploration programs conducted by Ecometals Limited. Mr. McMullan is also a member of the Ecometals Disclosure Committee and is responsible for all technical disclosures by the Company.

Let’s ask our friend the owl what he thinks of this. What say you, owlyfriend?

ECOMETALS! BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Talk about a match made in heaven! One scuzzy pump job begets the other of course, but if you haven’t suspected both these companies up til now how many more clues do you need? What? Another clue? OK, here’s EC.v in the time McMullan has been “planning, executing” and all that jazz at Ecometals:

But the cherry on the cake is that last line about CMIN.ob’s new director. We are reminded that Steve McMullan (and I re-quote) “….is responsible for all technical disclosures by the Company.”

Yes indeed, this is the person responsible for the technical disclosures at Ecometals, folks. And the high quality, responsible work he does there includes this hilariously classic press release dated June 29th 2009 that carried the title “Ecometals Completes Manganese Shipment from Brazil“. That presser was so bad that even the slumbering fools that supposedly regulate the Canadian capital markets arose from their collective torpor for a day and told ecometals “Dudes, this release is total bullshit and you need to issue a correction else we whup yer tushes”. This they did on July 17th in the PR linked here. There were so many errors and omissions noted in the original bullshit PR that it’s tough to list them all, but standout specials include the way Ecometals uses the word “ore” when it cannot (i.e. economic geology 101, McMullan) and the way it clears up the implied message that all EC.v had to do was scoop up a whole pile of rock and load it on a boat to make money when, in fact, there was a trifling matter of raising $10m or so for equipment before it could do anything.

This incompetance is the “calibre” of people proudly showcased as new directors by CMIN.ob. It will all end in tears, so just make sure it’s somebody else crying when the caca hits the ventilador. Avoid like the plague. DYODD, dude.

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