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Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob); You were told

I know you were told cos it was me what did the telling just two days ago with the stock up there at the sillytop. Market cap of $110m, no assets and a stretch of water in Peru with tiny amounts of gold in the sands underneath. No cash, no enviro permit to dredge, an 18 month drill program…gotta love you investor-type people.
BUT FEAR YE NOT! There’s still plenty of time to clean up on this thing, cos if you still fancy this as a short you’re not too late. Please insert SFX of that specialcracking splintering sound a tree makes just before lumberjack yells ‘timber’ cos this dog is going back to whence it came.

UPDATE: Listen, people…listen carefully. I’m now getting mails and comments from people called “anonymous” who are just spewing out company promo spiel in their own words and calling me stupid and stuff and nonsense. If you’re one of those people then believe it or not I’m actually trying to help you here. If you are trying to justify your investment mistake to me then you’re wasting your time, but the worst thing about it is that you’re trying to justify it to yourself. Believe me here, you’re wrong about this company. I’m looking at you straight in the eye and I’m telling you with my best serious face that you are wrong. It’s worth a tenth of its present market cap at best. You need to stop wading in to TheNextBigThing™ investment in junior mining on the word of some bullshit promoter on a chatroom board and a slick company-made PR campaign and read the SEC filings on companies instead. I was talking about a different stock to a e-mail pal a couple of days ago and I remarked that I still find it astonishing that people will buy into companies, especially junior mining companies, without reading the regulatory filings first. So please, do yourself a favour and 1) don’t waste your time writing to me with your arrogant and misinformed nonsense about this stock (or any other scam mining stock for that matter) and 2) learn to be a better investor…not for me, cos I don’t care. Swallow some of that foolish pride and start being serious about junior miners, cos there will always be a bunch of scamster sharks waiting for you and your money. Always have been and always will be.

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