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Contact Gold (C.v) and when Waterton decides to “align with shareholders”

How’s the news Waterton wants to swap out its financial position in Contact Gold (C.v) for pure equity (and half warrants on top for fun) in order to “create better alignment amongst all stakeholders“* going down with the market?
Going down well. With just one simple NR and letter of intent, Waterton has managed to bring its subordinate company’s share price back under control and ruin all momentum, they truly are masters of their art. Proof, if any were still required, that the smart strategy for us retail grunts is to remain as unaligned as possible to anything Waterton touches.
*Dear MLK, I’m an annoying pedant about such matters, but even I don’t use “amongst” any longer. Drop the Shakespeare from NRs, prithee?

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