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Contango Ore (CTGO) and a webinar worth your time this Thursday

This morning, I had the chance to catch up with Rick van Alphabet (RvN) in a 1-on-1 virtual meeting. He’s now running the show at Contango Ore (CTGO) and after our time was up, I came away highly impressed with his new gig. There are so many online webinars, presentations and conference shows these days that it’s difficult to choose what to watch, too much chaff and not enough wheat. Not this one; CTGO checks the boxes and has all the hallmarks of a serious story for real investors. Even better, you don’t have to take my word for it as this Thursday 18th, the dapper and suave RvN is presenting on CTGO via 6ix in a live webinar and you even get live Q&A time set aside afterwards. Here’s the link to register for the event (it’s free) and, if you like to buy things low and sell things high, you’d do well to use it. There’s a lot to like about CTGO, find out for yourself.

Full disclosure: No position in CTGO (yet) and not getting a bean for writing this post, but RvN did buy me a salmon dinner a couple of years ago. Just spreading the word on a good mining story, no more no less.

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