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This translated from this in El Colombiano, dated December 29th:

The other side of the coin
“…this newspaper consulted the director of Corantioquia, Alejandro González Valencia, who answered that even though the permit application was presented on December 23rd 2013, the mining company only handed in its complete environmental impact study (EIA) on 24th June 2014. He added that on January 5th 2015 a resolution was emitted with 63 observations (requirements) that had to be complied with by the company, which replied on April 8th 2015. Finally, on September 11th 2015 the environmental impact permit modification was denied (by Corantioquia).

“Easily, of the two years that this process took, half of it is the direct responsibility of the company and the other half the time we took evaluating a licence that asked to move from processing 60 tonnes per day of material to 2,000 tonnes per day”, the functionary said.

In broad terms, Corantioquia argued that the licence was denied for hydrogeological reasons (more water was being released than the estimated), non-conformity with the management of the surrounding tropical woodland area and inadequate compensation to biodiversity”.

“Many times the delays in environmental permitting are due to information presented (by the solicitant) that is not complete”, said González.

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