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Continental Gold (CNL.to): Police trying to evict 600 informal miners in Buriticá today

Here’s the link to the report in Colombia’s Caracol Radio this Monday morning on how approximately 500 police officers have been drafted into the town of Buriticá today in order to evict around 600 illegal/informal/artisan (pick your preferred words) miners from the town and let Continental Gold live in peace and harmony afterwards. Apparently this is the first stage of an operation to rid the town of a total of 3,500 informals.
It’s fair to say that the atmosphere in Buriticá right now is the way Caracol describes it: Tense. What could possibly go wrong?

UPDATE: This latest report ups the ante considerably and says it’s now 1,500 police and army personnel trying to evict 6,000 (six thousand) miners today. Woah!

UPDATE 2: The above was laid down mid-morning, now post-close CNL.to decides to inform the world via a NR. I love the way they try to give the impression the eviction operation has come as a big surprise to them. How cute.

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