Take physic, pomp

Copper at U$4.50/lb and China

China didn’t like paying four and a half back in 2011 and doesn’t like paying it now.

Bigger than REE and every bit as important to China as iron ore, if you’re looking for an East/West trade flashpoint there are worse places to start than copper in 2021.

UPDATE: I liked this one:

After all, when it comes to a good blow Jeb’s yer man. But don’t laugh at him to his face, Twitter morons, he gets upset. Do it behind his back, like everyone else. Also your spelling has improved greatly, Kevin.


    CEOs of marginal projects about to have their hopes of a takeover crushed if this plays out China’s way. Or thrilled they can keep riding the dilution gravy train a little while longer. I haven’t decided yet.


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