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Copper beats gold in 2020

Your squiggly lines are the copper proxy HG00 (copper continuous contract), the gold proxy GLD (main gold ETF) and the silver proxy SLV (main silver ETF):

These are not mining stocks, nor is it any sort of derivative leverage, we are talking plain vanilla percentage changes of the three metals in 2020 YTD. Copper has now surpassed gold and looks like taking out silver at any moment. Also while we’re here, 20/20 hindsight tells us the time to jump from precious to base was early August, which means I was three months late. As Douglas Adams correctly stated, “You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”


    “Silver is a daft investment” – June 4, 2020. I think you should stick to squabbling with moriarty, forum posters and dirty dev. Although, the success there hasn’t exactly been triumphant either. Nice snapshot, moment in time chart. Got a feeling you just blew another prediction. Let’s revisit in a month or two. Hey, notice anything about that USD?


      Ah Stephen, another obsessed commenter with over 5% of all board comments, you and Mikey make a fine couple. And still masturbating over my bad silver call early year, I see. Nice, buy Kleenex.


    No surprise that would be the first image that came to your mind. Keep after it champ, you’ll get there.

    Since no one visits your site, there are very few comments so when I post a couple thoughts (how many…does this make 6 or 7 in a few months) here and there it = 5%. That’s math. Go get ’em tiger.


      Trolling again. Nothing else to do with your time, except for filling the comments section of a rarely visited blog with inane blather. Don’t commit suicide over the festive season.


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