Take physic, pomp

Copper continues to roar

In Copper Roars Back of just two days ago, this humble corner of cyberspace called the bottom in its price dump. Admittedly not the most difficult trade call ever, but on the other hand I really like them when they’re simple. Anyway, this:
Trend change confirmed. And as noted two days ago, the market understands exactly what this means…
January 30th:  Deaths, 213. Discharged, 171.
February 2nd: Deaths, 361. Discharged, 475.
February 5th: Deaths, 494. Discharged, 1,028.
…even if the dumbasses who get their coronavirus TRUTH from websites sponsored by silver exploration companies think otherwise. Dr. Copper isn’t just whispering, the market PhD holder is screaming his medical prognosis at you, right here right now.

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