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Copper: Glaringly obvious

From last week’s post “The price of copper targets U$5.00/lb“:

…no counting chickens before they hatch and any chartist would accept a healthy re-trace to U$4.50/lb (or even a little lower) before the next upward pulse.”

Since then:

Maybe you think the major world economies will stop using Whatever It Takes to pimp their growth charts further, if so forget what Dr. Copper is signalling. More seriously, how many more clues do you need, you want copper at U$4.85/lb before calling it at $5?


    I think I geddit…no wait…uhhhhhhh…ok just make it simple for the layman, are u saying to…ehhh BUY copper stocks?!

    Tim Kirkwall, Shetland Islands 22/01/22 2:36 pm

    Agree totally. The majors have empty cupboards wrt to decent projects not tied up in regulatory tape. We get 20 pages of ESG BS in annual reports and nothing wrt to growth. This has to flow through to price shortly with omicron running its course.


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