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Copper Mountain (CUM.to) and yet another piece of crap quarter

Copper Mountain (CUM.to) filed its 1q14 this evening,  you can expect the following tomorrow morning:
1) Soft soap NR early tomorrow morning
2) The usual bunch of anal yst apologists for this permanently underperforming stock to lipstick the pig and tell us “Oh No! You only THINK it was a bad quarter, in fact it was a GOOD quarter!” and then throw the same BS as always at your face.
3) Nodding donkeys will then swallow the BS whole and tell you about how next quarter’s gonna be just great…just like every freakin’ jam tomorrow quarter at this joke of a copper miner.
But here’s the paydirt:
And you can stick your high falutin’ details where the sun doesn’t shine, brokerage anal ysts, because that’s the bottom line. In fact the real paydirt is perhaps even more straightforward. The grade (0.39% in 1q14) plus the strip rate (2.31X in 1q14) plus the recovery (83.57% in 1q14) means this dog will underperform permanently forever, amen. It’s up to you to decide when the emperor is seen with no clothes.

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